Top Benefits Of Screen Printing


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The world of graphics has been constantly evolving with digital technology. With the opening of new creative and electronic mediums of digital media, new artistic frontiers have opened which have initiated diverse techniques that widen the horizon and creativity in numerous forms that were never possible before.

Despite the impacts of digital media on graphic designing or art, one should never take printing processes including screen printing lightly and for granted. With time, a lot of new techniques and methods of printing have come to light but despite that screen printing is amongst the most reliable processes that offers plenty of advantages. Some of those advantages have been mentioned below in this article.

1. Creates Distinctive and Authentic Outputs

In comparison to digital printing, a more distinctive visual output can be created via screen printing. To create more vibrant, longer-lasting, and darker backgrounds, screen printing ink is usually applied more evenly and thickly. Incase of garment designs, where you need to have a better level of vibrancy while working on dark backgrounds, the best option in such scenarios is screen printing. Those who wish to have artwork displays for an extensive period or wish to focus on outdoor advertising, can do their work more effectively using screen printing as the ink used is more durable. It depicts your artistic side to the world while showing off your expressive side.

2. Flexible Printing Method

It is considered to be one of the most flexible printing methods which exist in today’s era. The reason behind this is that for different surfaces you can take into account different materials like paper, plastic, metal, wood, foam board, fabric, glass, etc. With the help of a printer you can produce different products including banners, t-shirts, hats, wallpapers, and posters to mention a few, and that too on the same screens. There is no restriction on size and shape, so distinguishable shapes such as those of mugs or bottles can be developed through this printing method.

3. Cost-Efficient And Yields Large Volumes

Screen printing is considered to be better and cost effective in comparison to digital printing methods. Due to the lesser production time per item, it is more cost-efficient. Therefore, with screen printing, you can produce larger volumes of products at a faster rate. It is even more affordable when you experiment with only a few colors and do not go for the creation of oversized designs. The overall cost of screen printing depends on numerous factors including the number of colors used, size of prints, printing locations, and type of garments, to mention a few.

4. Resistant To Changes In Sunlight Or Temperature

In screen printing, the designs created do not alter with the changes in temperature or sunlight. There is no effect on the designs. Therefore, you do not have to restrict yourself to a certain room in the presence of specific lighting to experiment with screen printing. The designs are reliable and durable. While on the other side, the designs created through the technique of digital printing tend to fade away after a certain exposure to sunlight.

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